Wormwood – Artemisia Vulgaris – 100% Essential oil – 10ml.

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Wormwood essential oil is used massages, combined with mixtures containing , have tonic, stimulating and heating effect.

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Application: Aromatic lamp : 1-5 drops of oil, Bath: 10-15 drops of oil, Massage: 1-5 drops in 20 ml base vegetable oil. As an additive to cosmetic products: from 3 to 5 drops per 100 ml of the product.

Attention: Highly Concentrated! Do an allergy test , prior to use! In case of eye contact,wash thoroughly with water! Not to be used by children, pregnant and lactating women and people with individual intolerance to Wormwood essential oil also before sun exposure.


Packaging: 10 ml glass vial.

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