Massage oil against hair loss – 100 ml.

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A natural cocktail of 100 % natural ingredients, preservatives free.

Contains a specially selected bouquet of essential oils of Rosemary, Juniper, Mint and Lemon, blended with vegetable oils of almond, jojoba and wheat germ and enriched with nettle and birch extracts, Vitamins A and E. The oils penetrate deeply into the hair roots and stimulate the hair growth and renewal. They improve the hair appearance, making it look healthier, brilliant and silky soft. The aromatic blend provides efficient treatment against hair loss and dandruff.

The aromatherapy head massage boosts a more efficient flow of blood to the scalp cells, providing them with more oxygen and other nutrients and facilitating the excretion of any toxins; it helps the cells to function properly and stimulates the hair growth and renewal. The massage of sebaceous glands helps normalising their function and making the skin and hair soft and supple.


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