Energy – bath and massage oil with tonic effect – 100 ml.

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A natural cocktail of 100 % natural ingredients, preservatives free.

The aromatherapy massage will relax and calm down the body. It restores the muscle tonus and reduces the tension, stimulates the elimination of toxins, improves the skin protective properties.  The essential oils of juniper and lavender relieve pains in joints, muscles and tendons in cases of cramps, stiffening, cricks and sprains. They have strongly expressed antiseptic properties and help improving the status of the organism in cases of neuralgia and colds. Regular massages will improve the blood circulation, stimulate the epidermal cells’ activity, nourish the skin and restore its softness and elasticity. The rosemary essential oil relaxes the muscles, relieves the elimination of fluids and toxins. The eucalyptus essential oil relieves the symptoms of colds and flu. The scent of eucalyptus increases the energy, helps to overcome the physical weakness and misbalance. Suitable for sports people and for people with hard physical exertion.


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