AROMA MAGIC – bath and massage oil with anti-aging effect 500ml

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A natural cocktail of 100 % natural ingredients, preservatives free.

The aromatherapy massage with AROMA MAGIC massage oil restores the sense of happiness and optimism, deeply nourishes and aligns the skin structure, suppresses the free radicals’ activity and regulates the skin hydration. It provides the skin with protection and comfort. The massage blend contains a specially selected cocktail of natural oils: rose absolute – increases the skin elasticity, penetrating deeply into the skin layers and preventing wrinkle formation and capillaries cracking, patchouli essential oil – it stimulates the cells metabolism and regeneration, has a rejuvenating effect. The almond oil is easily absorbed, soothing, softening and smoothing the skin. The wheat germ oil is rich in Vitamin E and lecithin – it slows down the skin aging and increases its elasticity and softness. The Apricot kernel oil has a pronounced lifting and anti-wrinkle effect and makes the massage blend tender and ethereal, additionally enriching it with Vitamin F.


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