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Bulgarian rose oil.Made in a distillery town of Strelcha.One of the best quality and sought-after essential oils from all over the world.Due to the favourable climate and ancient production tradition, the Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil (known also as the Rose Otto or the Attar of Roses) is a symbol of high quality and uniqueness. It is extracted by steam distillation of fresh rose blossoms and is composed of hundreds of components.

Benefits: The rose aroma is tender, uplifting and soothing, it keeps you charged and feeling happy. Rose comforts the heart in grief and depression, lifts the spirit and allays anxiety. It is the first choice in treating many of the female reproductive problems, helping with PMS, menopausal symptoms and regulation of periods. It regulates hormone production and helps balance them. It helps women express their femininity by alleviating anxiety and nervous tension and inspiring a confident sensuality. Its valuable skin-care qualities and delicious fragrance make rose a valuable choice in caring for the skin. Mixed into lotions and creams, it treats mature, dry, inflamed and sensitive skin particularly, but it is one of the best oils which can give to all skin types a shining, fresh and youthful expression. Rose makes a wonderful and special addition to massage or bath oils, and is extensively used in mood perfumes.