Over night anti wrinkle massage oil

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Intensively stimulates the natural processes of cells regeneration, revitalizing, soothing and smoothing the skin and making it silky soft and supple.



The oil strengthens the natural protective properties of the skin, tones, gives vitality and fresh appearance. It helps for the visible smoothing of first wrinkle and prevents the formation of new ones.

The massage blend contains a specially selected cocktail of natural oils:

  • rose oil – ncreases the skin elasticity, penetrating deeply into the skin layers, prevents wrinkle formation and capillaries cracking, helps the formation of homogeneous tan;
  • chamomile oil – calms down the skin, removes the dark shadows under eyes and the puffiness of the face contour;
  • neroli essential oil – it stimulates cells metabolism and skin regeneration, has a smoothing effect;
  • jojoba oil – creates a protective film over the epidermis, increasing its resistance to everyday harmful influence of the environment;
  • apricot kernel oil has a pronounced lifting and anti-wrinkle effect and makes the massage blend tender and ethereal, additionally enriching it with Vitamin F.
  • Packing 15 ml.

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