Cookie Policy

This policy applies to cookies and the web site maintained by Kateкo Ltd.
An HTTP cookie, commonly referred to as a cookie, is a package of information – a file sent by a web server to your Internet browser, and then returned by the browser each time it gets access to the same server.
If more than one browser is used on a computer, everyone has separate storage space for cookies. Cookies do not identify a person, but a combination of a computer and a web browser. A person using multiple browsers and / or computers has a separate set of cookies for each computer-browser combination. On the other hand, cookies do not distinguish between multiple users sharing the same computer and browser unless they use different user accounts.
Cookies used by operator partners on a website, including without limitation website users, are subject to their own privacy policies.
Personal information that accumulates through cookies can only be used to perform certain user operations. Such information is encrypted in a way that makes unauthorized persons access to it.
As a rule, the applications used to browse websites allow you to store cookies by default. This setting can be changed so that automatic cookie storage is blocked in the web browser or the user is informed each time before the cookies are stored on the computer. Detailed information about the different ways to work with cookies can be found in the application settings of the web browser.
Restriction of cookies may affect some website functionality.